Samples of some recent conversion work are available below.


This was part of a short Cine Film reel we converted. Background music was added later.

Slides and Negatives are scanned using professional Kodak branded equipment, at no less than 22 Megapixels.

A few samples of recent scans are available below (click for the full size).

These images show an overview of what is on each tape, and are provided with every video we convert. Click to enlarge.

Over time, VHS and camcorder tapes can develop mould and degrade rather rapidly if stored in damp or humid conditions, such as in a loft or garage. We are able to clean and repair your tapes, achieving positive visible results in most cases.

We charge a set price of £6 per tape. This price includes both cleaning and any repairs. This is only carried out where absolutely necessary.

Below is a short clip of a VHS tape we recently converted, showing both before and after the cleaning process, side by side.