2022 Price Review

Please note that due to rising energy, fuel, insurance and general running costs, I will be implementing a small price increase effective 1st April 2022.

Despite this increase, I guarantee that my prices will remain competitive, and cheaper than any other companies offering similar services locally.

Any orders that are currently in progress, and those placed on or before the 31st of March will be charged at the current rate.

I would like to thank all my customers past and present for your business and continued support.

Service Current Price New Price
(Effective 1st April)
Video Conversion
Camcorder Tapes (up to 2hrs) £5 £6
VHS & Betamax (up to 3hrs) £7.50 £9
Each additional hour £2.50 £3
Cine Film Conversion
First 50ft of any reel £8 £9
Each additional 50ft of any reel £5 £6
Audio Cassette Conversion (Includes both sides)
£5 £6
Reel-to-Reel Audio Conversion
First 1hr of any reel £8 £10
Each additional hour of any reel £4 £5
Optical Media Conversion
CD to Digital £2.50 £3
DVD to Digital £3.50 £4
Blu-Ray to Digital £4.50 £5
Image Scanning
Photos (per image) 30p 35p
Slides (per image) 20p 25p
Negatives (per image) 20p 25p
APS Spools (each) £10 £11
Additional CD Copies (each) £1.50 £2
Additional DVD Copies (each) £2 £2.50
Tape Cleaning & Repair £5 £6